Cracker Snacks


WASA cracker bread is near and dear to my heart--I grew up on this stuff in Germany without knowing just how awesome it is for a healthy, power-packed meal...or, go-to snack.

Breakfast and dinner are typically lighter in Europe--a spread of cheese, cured meats, butter, jams, veggies and combined with soup or salad. And, of course, delicious German bread. But, if you wanted a lighter option, WASA crackers offered an alternative.

WASA is a fantastic and versatile crunchy breakfast option without boundaries: 

  • Reduced-fat cream cheese + cucumbers + Tajin
  • Hummus + feta + roasted red peppers + oregano + drizzle olive oil + pepper
  • Crunchy peanut butter + blueberries
  • Mashed avocado + cherry tomatoes
  • Lean deli meats and thin slices of cheese (in moderation) + veggies
  • Replace any sandwich typically made with bread...with WASA

Add a few nuts, fruit, a hard-boiled egg.

Find your own favorites. Enjoy!

(Adapted from my life)