Europe Trip ZURICH



I have always said that if I were independently wealthy I would choose to live in Switzerland—access to everywhere, incredible food, beautiful landscapes, and a meticulous attention to detail in everything...yes, everything—Switzerland is where one goes to learn “excellence” and “how its done”.

This was a last minute decision to spend a few days in Zurich prior to heading, only a few pearls to wrap up this adventure and encourage you to go for yourself!


Where To Stay?


We initially booked a hotel close to the train station, but were afraid it was “too far” from the “old city” and decided to re-schedule to something closer—as dumb luck would have it...Motel One Zurich located just across the river from downtown is what we chose—a fantastic choice with easy access to anything worth seeing in Zurich.


Motel One is a German low-budget hotel chain with sites throughout Europe at decent prices. After our stay in Zurich...we wish we had known of this little gem at the outset! It was founded in 2000 by the former Accor manager Dieter Müller in Munich and is now run by him and his wife Ursula Scheller-Müller with 2000 employees reported on my latest Wikipedia check!


The breakfast buffet was second to none—eggs, croissants, rolls, breads, fresh veggies, fruits, cold cuts, cheeses, jams, and endless coffee, cappuccinos, teas and lattes with special honeys, egg holders, edible single-serving jam containers. The picture does not do justice to this buffet!

Additionally, Motel One Zurich features a 24-hour full-service bar with light snacks after hours and a cozy, but genrous space for reading and business meetings.Honestly, we felt pampered, and with J being sick, this was a godsend! Rooms were super clean, nice bathrooms, quiet floors. Did I mention cool?


Getting Around

The public transport system is extensive, but I walked everywhere. I don’t need to say much about the Swiss trains and timeliness...they are on time, clean, and efficient.


My Favorite Attractions

We had little time to explore, but walking is your best friend though the cobblestoned alleys and winding hills of the Zurich center city streets. Let’s just say you will get your exercise as you marvel at the shops, cafes, and chocolatiers.

I’m sorry to say that our planned day trip to Bern fell thru where we hoped to visit the Einstein Museum and see Paul Klee’s master pieces in whimsical line drawings, geometric shapes and color. 


Great Finds / Food

Most of our great finds were limited to food and restaurants. 

Laderach Chocolatiers


This is quite a sight to see—beautiful sheets of chocolate in any variety you can imagine. Choose from a ‘favorite’ assortment or ‘create your own’ concoction!  



Just walk into their stores and you will see the epitome of candymaking, creativity and beauty all with a smile to help you decide on how to spend your money—your own personal assistant will guide you thru the process. You can’t go wrong here!

Santa Lucia 


When it’s a Sunday night after a long day of train travel and the weather is cold, rainy and damp, nothing is better than a restaurant with lights on. Santa Lucia is an Italian chain restaurant and perfect for those kinds of nights when other places are closed for the holidays. A second one was spotted in the “old city” during one of my walks.



Moudi was a 2 minute walk from the hotel and served some great Lebanese cuisine in a hip-cool-cozy venue whose walls were made from repurpased windows. 


Make reservations, because this place fills up quickly with local professionals and millennials..and rightfully so...


Even if staying elsewhere in the city, I would recommend checking this out and heading across the river.