Europe Trip MUNICH




Munich is packed with history, culture, architecture and art.

Hitler laid out his theses and framework for the National Socialist party in the Hofbrau Haus.

Eventually, the Third Reich established their power hub in Munich.


Munich makes a great central “home base” with easy day-trips to Salzburg, Innsbruck, Rothenburg o.d.T., Dachau, The Eagle’s Nest, Neuschwanstein Castle and Lichtenstein.

Our three days were not near enough...and, overall, it was an incomplete experience due to illness, weather and time.


Where To Stay


Cafe Adria situated in a fantastic location and neighborhood 3 stops from the Munchen HBF and a block from the English Garden. Metro stop LEHEL.

Decent breakfast, clean accommodations with in-room tea and very helpful staff.

Fantastic area with restaurants, a little grocery store, cafes, bakeries, and squares.  


Getting Around


Metro is easy to use and comprehensive.

City Passes are available in Munich for visitors for transportation only.

Hop On Hop Off bus was a great option for this massive city in order to get an overview as well as to avoid the icy downpour the weekend we visited.


My Favorite Attractions

BMW World / Museum


BMW World is an impressive and beautiful auto and motorcycle experience with a separate museum, cafe, and restaurant (by reservation only).


Overall, the whole place reeks of luxury, money, and quality—a different way to buy cars—so...even if you have no interest in cars or spending money on them, this place makes you wish you had a choice.


Allianz Arena Stadium Tour & Experience / Museum

I grew in Rothenburg o.d.T. The first year we moved to Germany. It’s the famous medieval town that is surrounded by most of its original wall and looks like something out of a fairy tale about 2-3 hrs north of Munich. Being in Bavaria, FC Bayern was the team to follow.


My brother and I became die-hard FC Bayern fans of this legendary team. So, this was a must see for me. Additionally, my ticket into the arena featured the team I adored growing up with such legends of soccer, ie Frank Beckenbauer, Sepp Maier, and Gerd Müeller (13) whose number I would wear during my own soccer years.


English Garden & The Ice Surfers

Not much to say here other than it’s pretty cool to see surfers in the icy stream doing tricks before strolling in the English Garden.



Downtown Pedestrian Zone and Marienplatz

The old city is a great area to stroll and shop while waiting for the Glockenspiel!  Packed with markets, side streets and alleys.


Illness and weather precluded seeing some of our planned excursions:

—Dachau, The Third Reich Walking Tour and the Eagle’s Nest

—Multiple Art Museums and other parks

—Olympic Park exploration

—The German Museum

—Schlosspark Nymphenburg-was under renovations the day we visited


Great Finds

Allianz Arena—a little cumbersome to get to, but worth it for any soccer fan.


Featured within the stadium is an incredible museum with every single trophy, team member, key moments in FC Bayern Munich’s history.

Tip: If you want to see FC Bayern Munich play, you must plan...a year in advance...if you do not want people to laugh at you. Otherwise, plan to pay double or triple the original value depending on the opponent and time in the season.


English Garden


Just phenomenal in shear size with multiple trails for getting lost, wandering and introspection. But if you prefer to walk with purpose...head to the Japanese Tea House or Chinese Tower amongst various attractions scattered throughout the park.

Olympic Park

Located right next to BMW World and the connection to the Allianz Arena. We saw some of it, but had virtually no time to explore.



Bakeries, bread, pastries—you just can’t go wrong.

Pretzels are soft and frequently utilized as a sandwich or with spread with butter.

Classic restaurants are everywhere and often have their own twist on German and Bavarian specialties which are rich in meat, in particular calf, fowl, fish and other game besides traditional meats like beef, pork, and chicken.


We found a great variety of restaurants within our neighborhood: 

Liebighof—classic German “gasthaus” with cozy, dark interior and fantastic food and beer. Packed starting around 6:30 pm with locals as everyone squeezes into a chair. Not open on weekends or holidays.


 Sitar—Indian Restaurant a block from our hotel with great service and delicious food. A pleasant surprise and nice break from traditional German food.

Salotto—Italian Restaurant discovered only because it was one of a few opened restaurants on a Sunday night. Maybe it was my congestion and sick-day in the hotel, but the minestrone made my day; and, the Pasta d’Arrabiata and pizza...a god send!