Europe Trip ZURICH

I have always said that if I were independently wealthy I would choose to live in Switzerland—access to everywhere, incredible food, beautiful landscapes, and a meticulous attention to detail in everything...yes, everything—Switzerland is where one goes to learn “excellence” and “how its done”.

This was a last minute decision to spend a few days in Zurich prior to heading home. Unfortunately, only little time remained, much of which was consumed with illness!

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Europe Trip SALZBURG
  • After Vienna, Salzburg will seem small--for some, maybe even anti-climatic, but I would argue otherwise and encourage you to visit anyhow!
  • This city is bustling...even during the off-season...with a fairly comprehensive shopping district ranging from Prada and Benetton to original venues and local shops, including one dedicated to the Sound of Music artifacts and trinkets.
  • People are friendly and the city is cozy with an extensive pedestrian zone in the old city full of cafes, restaurants, and hidden alleys.
  • Additionally, since this is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s birthplace, you have a multitude of options for violin or piano concerts with (or without) dinner performed in various locations throughout the city—all of which are walking distance if you are staying downtown.
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Europe Trip VIENNA

Vienna, simply put, stole the show!

Beautiful, grandiose, majestic in everything—history, culture, museums, architecture, size, and beauty.
Buildings from royal eras were built to match the egos and wealth of the dynasty in power.
The city is rich in experience at virtually every turn—from the Spanish Riding School and the history of the Waltz to the art museums and the espionage of WWII and the Cold War. (approx. 3000 spies and their handlers still live in Vienna today.)

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Europe Trip MUNICH

Munich is packed with history, culture, architecture and art.

Hitler laid out his theses and framework for the National Socialist party in the Hofbrau Haus.

Eventually, the Third Reich established their power hub in Munich.

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  • One of the easiest cities to get around. Friendly. Active. Full of energy.
  • Everyone speaks English.
  • Shops and museums open later than the German / Austrian counterparts.
  • Bikes are literally everywhere and traffic is crazy with three lanes to take into account when walking, i.e. the cars, trams and cyclists
  • Pay attention!
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