Inktober 2017

Inktober 2017

One of my goals this year is to not only revive my love of art and creativity, but sharpen my once-fine-tuned skills of drawing and painting. I have set up various challenges for myself to rebuild the tools I used to have when I was getting my B.A. in Studio Art / Etching. 

Throughout the year I am committed to completing various challenges--some simple and fun like the @doodle2write daily doodles--and some more serious like Inktober 2017, a challenge created by Jake Parker during the month of October which encourages artists from all over the world to create daily...anything and long as it involves ink.

Prompts are provided each day to get the brain juices flowing, but the goal is to simply "get going" by creating and sharing ideas. And, having fun without an assignment or perfection mandated.

This is a great exercise on so many levels:

  1. Skills--want to get better at something--show up daily and do the work.
  2. Ideas--probably one of the most important lifeskills a person can have next to taking action on your ideas.
  3. Community--crazy, diverse and incredible solutions from a single word prompt. Encouragement to keep you going. 
  4. Motivation--some of these artists are true masters that will blow your mind and make you want to do better on every level of your ability.
  5. Humility--those same masters will keep your head and ego from exploding.

If you like what you see above from the first 4 days of Inktober...follow along this month at @doodle2write and @inktober for some fun, goofy, ingenious, and incredible artwork that will make you smile--guaranteed!