Inktober 2017 Wrap Up

Inktober 2017 is over, but the daily habit of creating will continue.

This was a great challenge for me, not only for trying a new medium and honing my rusty skills, but mostly, because I found a new, creative community from which I have so much to learn. The talent, ideas, skill level and creativity was simply mind-blowing and inspiring--and as a result...another challenge has emerged in front of me: to up the ante and catch up to all of these gifted artists!

That said, here is the final collection of 31 days of my creative work. Looking forward to next years challenge.


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How do you ignite dormant creativity?You have to start somewhere—draw, write, dance, play, sing, doodle.
Looking for a way to kick start my own creativity--knowing my artist self had long since hidden behind the door--I decided to start small. Literally 1-2” drawings drafted on a stack of colorful notecards with random scenes—some real, some imagined, some embellished, all quirky. Nothing serious, or was it?

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